Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Social media in recent times have contributed to a number of ills in the society. There are different stories on abuse in the usage of the online community space. These cases have risen exponentially in the last decade.

According to -an autonomous nonprofit organisation, “more than 16,000 criminal incidents on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, have been reported to police over the last year, according to new figures.” And, “Police have seen more people than ever coming forward to complain about abuse and harassment endured while using online platforms”

In a report on All-African, on the 21th of June, an Algerian has been sent behind bars for indiscriminate abuse of the social media. It was reported how he requested for 1000 Facebook “likes” to redeem throwing a little boy from top of 15th floor tall building. The news reported that, “A stunt for 1000 Facebook “likes” has landed an Algerian man in jail.” Because “He was found guilty of endangering the safety of a baby boy.”

The report disclosed that the guilty man will be spending two years to suffer for this irresponsible and wicked act, according to the pronouncement of the Algiers court.

“An Algiers court sentenced the unnamed man to two two-years in prison after he posted photos of himself clutching the boy’s shirt from behind with the threat of dropping the boy.”

Over the years, different punishments have been recommended for different categories of abuse via the media. For the Algerian man for instance who requested for 1000 Facebook “likes” to save a soul was summed to two years under confinement. The report pointed out that the post sparked up an outrage, justifying the imprisonment of the man for committing.

The Al Arabiyya news portal reports that his post “sparked a social media outrage that called for his arrest, he was picked up last Sunday and arraigned before court.”


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