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After 2015, in total, there are now 41 members of Parliaments who are identified as being from minority groups’ background.  Britain has enough candidates from different continents especially Africa and Asia among 8 MPs are Pakistani-origin, the Labour party are 13 MPs, the conservative are eight and the Scottish Nationality have one.

Edward Yi He, one of the potential candidates for the parliamentary election, is 31 years old a Chinese-origin Britain. He told the newsmen that he came to United Kingdom 13 years ago. He is now working as an engineer in Leicester, in the Middle East.

People who wish to be the Member of Parliament in United Kingdom must deposit 500 pounds when submitting the nomination papers. It would be returnable if the candidates score 5 percent of the total votes cast. People who are participating in elections must have authorized party otherwise candidate will describe himself as an independent candidate.

As per CGTN, this year there are seven seats from the Chinese-origin candidates in parliamentary elections. Edward Yi He is the conservative Party candidate for Leicester East. He said, “Two years ago, I stood in my old work place in Aberavon, South Wales, so it is my second time standing in United Kingdom general election. I think as a foreign-born migrant, we do need to participate in the public life, in politics,” he further added, “only in this way, it helps us integrate with British society. And only in this way, the British public can see our commitment to being part of their society.”

Edward Yi He, in his interview to CGTN told that he stood twice as a parliamentary candidate in United Kingdom. He said that he was criticized and suffered a lot being minority in United Kingdom. Through elections he wants to reform the society and politics too.

He recalled his bitter experience in Britain, “three years ago, I was victimized as hate crime in Leicester, and I had reported to the police, the incident happened in a public bus. I was aggressively shouted at, ‘go back to your country. This is Britain. This is not your country.’ So I feel I was a big shock. I was emotionally and physically hurt by the incident.”

Although he got the strong support of the Britain colleagues and friends and government too but the imprints are still unveiling. That incident made him more vigilant. He said, “This incident shows my commitment and dedication to local society.”

Alexander Garcia, a mining engineer who works in Leicestershire said, “The prospect of having Chinese is very good foe Chinese community. It is very good for China.” He further said, “ It’s an actual fact to say that, particularly if elected, that we recognize the contribution that foreign individuals, Chinese individuals made to the United Kingdom and we’re relaxed enough to have such individuals to stand for us and represent our views in Parliament.”

Britain now has enough MPs from different continents especially Africa and Asia in House of Commons. Likely, Adam Afriyia (son of Nigerian and Ghanaian immigrants) and Umunna, a record of African, Pakistani-origin members are elected as MPs in House of Commons. Now seven candidates of China are going to the part of them will bring a new turn in Britian politics. Edward Yi He is one out of seven candidates with Chinese-origin. It encourages more Chinese to voice their concerns in Britain Parliament.




Corespondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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