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BY Godfrey OLukya 28-3-2017

With Uganda now ranked 4th across the globe and 1st in Africa among the best tourism destination by ”Rough guides” a UK based tour ranking firm,the country is targeting 4 million tourists in the next three ear.

The tourism minister, Ephrahim Kamuntu has stated today at a press conference in Kampala that they are to use these rankings to meet the set target of attracting 4 million tourists by the year 2020.

Kamuntu said,”The rankings have not come as a surprise.It has come due to the enormous efforts by government to support the sector through marketing both locally and internationally”

He added on that government’s efforts resulted into many tourists from across the world trekking long journeys to come down to Uganda leading to the now improved rankings.

Kamuntu states that they are working round the clock to see to it that they employee better tactics on how to market and attract tourists to this beautiful land so that they can hit the target of 4 million tourist in the next 3 years.

Currently Uganda hosts over 500,000 tourists per year.The most lucrative tourism attraction in Uganda is tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi national game park .

Each tourist pays 200 US dollars to track the gorilla.

With over 500 mountain gorillas in that park Uganda boasts to be with more that a half of that species in the whole world.




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