Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Dear consumers:

Can we truly tell whether the staff at eateries we dine in or order from wash their hands after toilet trips at work? Study says a great number do not. And as a result, contaminated hands is one of the contributing elements to over 40 million of us getting sick yearly from foodborne illnesses and thousand die from it.

By the grace of God, this soon would change with the mandatory use of my recently approved patent ‘Employee Hygiene Assurance System, Patent number 9,538, 647’. An era when technology can handle almost any task, a system designed to force eateries’ staff to wash their hands should’ve been a foregone conclusion, I said a few years ago.

So if you are disgusted with this highly unacceptable health hazard, please join me in demanding from NYS Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and other states to make this lifesaving system mandatory for all eateries and food preparation facilities. Feces belong to sewages not in our food. Thank you!

To learn more about this system and how it works, you can contact me at 718-822-5555


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