Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

God bless the United States. It’s about time!

For the first time in eight years, I’m totally with Obama administration concerning the Holy Land. “Friends must tell hard truths to friends.” Kerry. Truth shall set you free… There is not a word from Netanyahu & company that I will allow to enter into my head. I’m absolutely positively a diehard supporter of an Israeli state and a palestinian state-existing side by side in peace, security and mutual prosperity. Nothing pleases more than peaceful coexistence on the Holy land. God is great! It is coming. Very soon. Netanyahu can make all futile threats until the moon come down, not a single fair-minded, peace-loving humans pay any attention to anything he had said or will be saying on this. Donald J. Trump (NY Con Artist) can’t pease his KKK constituents and the interests of Jewish residents on the Holy land. All he is doing is making con artist’s smoke. In my opinion, history will prove Obama is one of the best American leaders for Israel. #lovingforliving #friendsmusttellthehardtruthstofriends #nyconartist #trumptainment


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