Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Martin Luther King.


Dear Peace family:


As we exit a bloody year of 2016 and entering the new year with formidable readiness to meet head on with the same conflicts-profiteers, we should be ever-more determine to make 2016 their best and last profitable year from conflicts.

It is nonsense as well insanity for the world’s ‘peaceful moral majority’ to continue to acquiesce to the evil playbook of antichrist Weapons Industry Lobbyists. Our governments have hypocritically been condemning terrorism in public channels with their lying lips while supplying all and most sophisticated weapons to all terrorists. This is not only an insult to our intellects, but completely regard us (the peaceful moral majority) absent-minded cowards, and if we are not absent-minded bunch, then we must let them know that loud and clear in 2017.

In addition to coordinated resistance to ‘profits-conflicts’, we must stretch out a political platform of peaceful coexistence. Meaning our resources and votes must not be afforded to politicians and candidates in bed with weapons industry antichrist lobbyists.  All the children in kindergarten classes know that when we remove transportation, communication and access to weapons from evil killers we end terrorism immediately. There is no need for research, intelligence or sinfully sacrificing precious innocent and military lives fighting terrorism. The Weapons manufacturers’ trillions of dollars in R & D technology can be repurposed to discovering cures for growing chronic diseases. What a wonderful idea! Ain’t that genius?

You are welcome for thanking us in discovering a new and highly effective counter terrorism technique. It’s our pleasure to help! Thank you too.


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