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By Godfrey Olukya   26-12-2016


At least 20 people were killed on Christmas in DRC by militiamen

This followed clashes between the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) and Maï-Maï Mazembe militiamen in Nyanzale area of Rutshuru territory (North Kivu) on Sunday (December 25th).

6 of the dead were militiamen who attacked the village for a few hours before being dislodged by loyalist forces. The rest of the dead were civilians .4 civilians were injured as a result of the clash.

The local administrative source indicates that around 6 am the village of Nyanzale was surrounded by militiamen who killed indiscriminately.

”The killers were armed with guns painted with white color. The villagers fled in all directions. Some of the civilians ran to MONUSCO base in Nyanzale village while others fled to neighboring villages including Mweso, Bambu and Kitunda.

Congo army spokesman in Sokola 2, Major Ndjike Kaiko, said, ”We managed to dispel the attackers. The situation is changing as the army is conducting operations in the region.”

The military officer also called on the people of Nyanzale to strengthen cooperation with the army and to disassociate themselves from the armed groups.

Meanwhile, the administrator of Rutshuru territory, Justin Mukanya, has called on his people to return to their homes, ensuring that the situation is under FARDC control.




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