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By Godfrey Olukya 13-12-2012

Senior officials in DRC have bitterly condemned EU sanction of 7 government officers over violence and abuse of Human rights during
demonstrations in which civilians die.

EU on Monday imposed a freeze on assets and a visa ban on seven senior members of DRC administration and security services accused of illegally suppressing anti-government demonstrations in September in which 50 people died including Commander of the Republican Guard, Ilunga Kampete, Chief of Police in Kinshasa and others.

The deputy director of the office of the president in Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean Pierre Kambila has said in a statement, “Those sanctions will have no effect on us. Nothing justifies today these kinds of measures. Unfortunately for them, they will not succeed on this plan because we are not going to yield to blackmail.” They can make all the decisions they want, it has no effect, “said Jean Pierre Kambila.

Ruling party senior cadre, Anthony Legu said ”What EU is doing is unfair. The officers found themselves in the mess caused by rioters. Why does EU not condemn the perpetrators of the riots in which innocent people died?”

Government spokesman, Lambert Mende had earlier referred to EU sanctions as illegal and antipodes of international law.

Riots in DRC are brought about by President Joseph Kabila’s intention to prolonging his stay in power although his term of office is supposed to end on December 19th 2016.



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