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Elliot QuinonesThe Bronx District 87 (Parkchester, Castle Hill, West Farm and adjacent to the Grand Concourse area) is busy because of the upcoming Democrats primary election campaign. “For eighteen long years, every election has been won by Ruben Diaz , as a senator, who supports republic agendas with heart,” said Elliot Quinones who is in defense of democratic rights of the people in the Bronx. He is contesting Senator candidate Ruben Diaz. Elliot Quinones quoted Ruben Diaz’s statement from NewsDay newspaper, “The (Democratic Governor) Cuomo agenda is a poison to me. So as long as the Republicans need my vote… I will be with them. “- Newsday, November 2014. Elliot added, “If we are not elected this year, our democracy will remain vulnerable.” Pamela who is running for Assemblywoman has promised to established Dual Language School where students can learn Bengali language and culture which will contribute to grow more tolerance within community. Moore supported to build a Multi-cultural community center to enhance cross-cultural dialogue and understanding while he wants to allocate more funding for program to increase safety and reduce violence. Moore emphasized, “All of these democratic agendas will not be served properly as long as there is a Senator like Ruben Diaz, and his supporters Cruz and Luis, who is moved by the ideology of the Republic, even though he himself is preaching for Democrat.”
Pamela Stewart
Democratic Pamela urged Bengali community leaders not to make the same mistake by electing wrong candidates. She said, “Electing wrong person as leader keeps prevailing condition same or worse and it will increase risk of violation of rights of the minority groups such as social instability of Muslims and Bangladeshis” in a discussion with religious leaders arranged by American Muslim Writers Association (AMWA) in the Bronx on September 09, 2016. Elliot Quinones added, “On September 13, 2016 is not a day to repeat the same mistakes. I believe democratic philosophy as my blood. I am not like Ruben Dias who thinks Democratic Governor Caumo’s philosophy as poison.” On September 8, 2016 the team was interacting with the local Bangladeshi business community to promote trade when Elliot said that if elected he would ensure business expansion loan or start new business as well as fund various programs to ensure the safety for Bangladeshis and Muslim minorities which would not be possible for existing Senator because of his political ideology (Republic). Elliot cited Hillary Clinton’s statement in the discussion with business leaders that on September 13, Let’s give Hillary a big Democratic Victory. Lets win the NY State Senate !! “We need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot this year.” – Hillary Clinton.

The team also promises work for approval to make open prayer call (Adan) from Masjid, double parking on Friday Jumma prayer congregation and support to make more police presence in the time of Fadr (Morning prayer) and Isha (Evening prayer) to ensure safety for Masjid going Muslims.


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