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Leading up to the 15th memorial day of 9/11 in New York City as a Muslim New Yorker, my feelings have begun again to drastically change similar to the ones in all the years past, when I reflected on what took place in our city on that unforgettable day. As remarkable as 9/11 National Memorial Museum design is, it is one place I truly dread going into because of the various feelings that consistently converged in me during the beginning of every September in last 14 years. The feeling of guilt, anger, confusion, sorry and a vivid cognizant of the utter disregard for the lives violently taken from us on that regrettable day-which has forever left in my heart an incurable wound.

The only solace I have been relying on however is Islamic Leadership School, a first full time Muslim school that opened its doors for the first time on the same fateful day of 9/11.  The opening of the first Islamic school in the Bronx on 9/11, in our opinion, was a divine calculation with a defined message, the message of fighting evil with virtues using the students of Muslim schools.  Instead of these schools becoming the centers of radicalisation, they must become conduits of wisdom, tolerance, pluralism, progressively moderate and vital peaceful pillars of this nation.

Islamic Leadership School, in my humble opinion, has been on point in becoming one of the most effective counter extremism endeavors in New York and beyond. Since its birth took place on 9/11, promoting a peaceful coexistence among all people has been the unwavering mission of its leadership from the inception.  While we can’t change what had happened to the World Trade Center, we can certainly use this school’s peaceful coexistence platform to the satisfactions of 9/11 victims’ families.  This is, no doubt, a small contribution yet a great a solace for my heart. Long Live New York and all New Yorkers.


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