Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Bangladeshis living in Metro Detroit have mostly landed there through Diversity Visa lottery program and OP One family immigration even though New York City is the first choice for Bangladeshi immigrants. During the recession in 2009, the rent of a three-bedroom house was $500 in Detroit where rent of 1 bedroom in New York city was double. A lot of Bangladeshis found opportunity to think about buying a home and move to Detroit. There are a lot of non-resident Bangladeshi homeowners in Michigan.
A local business owner Shamim Ahmed said, “Bangladeshis formed their own domain here. While other immigrant groups return from Detroit when the economy was down; there comes workers crisis afterwards when economy started turning around the wheel slowly again and it was easier to work with unskilled expatriates.”
Abul Kasem, a young migrant worker, said, “The number of Bangladeshis Detroit metro area exceeds 35 thousand. Since life is easier here many Bangladeshis are coming to the city. I worked eight years in restaurant to pay rent in New York City, but could not save enough. The cost of living is much lower here. As a result, low-income also have the opportunity to live a relaxed city life in the United States.”
The Conent Avenue of the Detroit city has been renamed as Bangladesh Avenue. Bangladesh Avenue is in the heart of the city where rows of shops on either side and there are signboards written both in Bangla and English. Jhalamuri and drink are available in the day of street fair from the shop down to the sides of the road. There are Baul songs and the stage performance in open cultural street fair. There are thousands of men and women seen passing midnight listening to traditional folk music on special Bangladeshi events occasionally.


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