Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Do not lose your friends through the circus.

A couple of weeks ago, an overwhelming majority of Americans were proudly cheering for the marvelous performances of their fellow Americans regardless of the races, religions and genders of those great champions.  They deserve every patriotic cheer and more.

This momentous patriotism must not be lost from the political circus of the rich and famous candidates competing to recite the best speeches written by highly paid special interest groups. Neither the candidates nor their high paid consultants are poor enough to live in your neighborhoods, send their children to your children’s school or face the economic challenges you’ve been facing.  After the election, the winning team control the jobs and resources while the losing team raise their lobbyists’ moon-bound fees representing anti-Christ corporations in the new administration in DC.  Another word, all of them end up in classy eateries and exotic masseuse parlors together sponsored by NRA & company in DC and the honeymoon continues happily ever after.  Welcome to Washingstan!


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