Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Fact: dead & traumatized constituents won’t vote:
Dear Political Candidates:
May God assist you in your noble public services journey! You’ve demonstrated your willingness to sacrifice it all on behalf of the residents of your respective districts. I’m sure you’ve endured relentless attacks on your person, family and interests. I’m certain you’ve been repeatedly violated because of your commitment to serve. I’m confident you could’ve chosen a more lucrative endeavor and excel at it with less formidable opposition. But I know you wouldn’t think twice about your selfless commitment to public service. You can’t stand on the sidelines and watch in horror the continuation of injustice, widening disparities, failing schools, dysfunctional families, domestic violence, burgeoning working poor, deteriorating public safety, declining quality of life, must-adhere to lobbyists’ playbook, etc, etc… Win or not yet, you’re appreciated and may God bless your leadership.
Now, my pre-election question to you is: since all positive developments stem out of strong public safety, would you promise to make Public Safety the foundation of your legislative priorities?
Yes: _____________________
No: ______________________
Your name: __________________________________________
Position you’re seeking: ________________________________
Today’s date: ________________________________________
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