Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Dear Peacemakers:


The first Friday of every month, I AM MY COMMUNITY, INC hosts a Peacemakers Dinner and the 2nd Fridays are for CBALL’s.  These peace networking dinners are convened to create a communal peaceful platform for all residents to come together and collectively deal with important issues concerning their respective neighborhoods, public safety and economic development in particular.

Successful neighborhoods are self-reliance neighborhoods safeguarded by concerned, caring and committed residents.

Please join these leading Bronx based community organizations, #IAMMYCOMMUNITYINC. and #CBALL, in making our borough, The Peace County, a beautiful and safe place to live, raise family and create successful enterprises.

To take part in these #peacemakersdinners, please contact their hosts. God bless! #thepeacecounty #peacefulcoexistence


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