Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Dear Bronxites:

#NeverTrump means NEVER, EVER TRUMP! It that hard to achieve?
“If you know something, do something”

Living a peaceful life, raising a peaceful family and promoting a peaceful coexistence are not for fainted hearts, publicity-hungers, opportunists, political correctness observers, fly by nights activists, selfish individuals, timid personalities, corrupted souls or those with hidden motivations.

Unfortunately we’ve seen time and time again our local leaders associate with anti-law enforcement movements and our national leaders bought by a special interests groups. That leaves us to the real public safety guardians of our neighborhoods. Local leaders associate with these groups to keep their jobs regardless of how many of our sons and daughters kill each other in the streets.

Please, please my brothers and sisters in the Bronx, let us make our beautiful county (The Peace County) a place where every homeowner, entrepreneur, hard-worker and retiree can enjoy the fruits of their American dreams in the most public safety environment ever. Public safety environments attract positive development resources. Anyone who needs guidance on public safety participation can reach out to us at:


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