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On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at the Bronx Library Center, New York Peace Coalition, Assemblyman Hon. Jose Rivera and the Bronx District Attorney Hon. Darcel Clark formally honored Ms. Claudette Colvin by officially launching annual celebrations of March 2nd as National Claudette Colvin Day.

Hon. Colvin is the first civil rights leader who had refused to give up her bus seat to a white person in Montgomery, Alabama. Her bold stance in the face of injustice has made renowned heroes like the Honorable Rosa Parks and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King to take assume the mantra of well deserving accolades in history that highlights the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the eventual passage of the civil rights laws that ended segregation in Alabama.

This was a long overdue public recognition of a person that triggered the whole action that has gone into the world’s history books. It is text book clear that the Honorable Colvin is the unsung hero and a living legend of our time who deserves the same recognition as the likes of Honorable Rosa Parks, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights icons that have taken the front seat in America’s historic journey.

While we recognize that Hon. Rosa Parks, through NAACP campaign, became the face of resilience surrounding the Montgomery bus segregation uprising, we would like to affirm Hon. Colvin as being the first person who took the first action which inspired Hon. Rosa Parks’ more publicized act.

Today, America has registered this social justice historic hallmark as a precedence inspiring America’s legal discourse and motivating civil rights leaders of our time because of the immovable stand in the face of injustice from both Ms. Colvin and Mrs. Parks.

To this end, the New York Peace Coalition, in collaboration with elected officials in New York, has launched a national justice awareness campaign to render the long overdue and delayed credit to the unsung heroine of the civil rights movement, the Honorable Claudette Colvin.

This campaign includes:

  1. Annual celebration of Claudette Colvin Day on March 2nd.

    2. Establishing a Scholarship Fund in her name

    3. Ask President Obama or the next president to honor her with ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’

    4. Ask Congressional Black Caucus to publicly recognize her.

5. Include her contributions to our current political conversations.

For further information about this campaign, please contact us at:


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