Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The moment we start incarcerating parents and guardians of the juveniles who are committing crimes and violence in our neighborhoods for neglect, public safety variations among neighborhoods in the Bronx will immediately disappear.  Irresponsible parents must also be required to pay all expenses associated with violent crimes committed by the youth under their care, when negligence can be proven. Of course I’m not naïve to believe all parents must be held accountable, but all parents must be able to prove their responsible actions towards children under their care in order not to be held accountable.

Please talk to your elected officials to help us strengthen parental responsibility laws on the books. Responsible adults do not fail their children. No government or agency is responsible for raising our children.

There is no such thing as good or bad neighborhood. There are responsible or irresponsible individuals. Period!

You’ll find irresponsible lazes to master the art of blaming their miserably dependable existence on everything that exists between the heaven and earth. That is why you can’t pay me enough to waste my valuable time listening to their rhythmic endless rehearsals of all that is wrong and why all creation is wrong.  #attitude #thepeacecounty


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