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Dear friends:


Thank you so much for supporting us yesterday despite your busy schedules. It was a great honor to have your company in celebrating Africa Day with us. It was even more delightful for fact that we were able to assemble a diverse African family of various ethnicities and nationalities to joyously observe the African Liberation Day in the Diaspora.


We give special thanks to our keynote speaker Hon. Sidique Wai, National President and Spokesperson, United African Congress, Mr. Famod Konneh, United African Coalition, our fabulous hostesses Ms. Linda Lino and Ms. Grace Imo, our outreach Mr. Saddiq James and Mr. Abdus Sabur, Peace December, Mrs. Betina Bamba, Islamic Leadership School, All the Garifuna families, and most importantly, the one and only Master Garifuna Dancers and Entertainers, the Budari Dance Company. Also a special thank to herself, our generous caterer Mrs. Nene Wuri Sowe.


We are indeed grateful for all the people who came from near and far to learn and celebrate the motherland’s past and present. We look forward to celebrating with you the upcoming African Union Day along with our City Council members at the City Hall on September 9, 2016. God bless you all!




Sheikh Musa Drammeh

African Union Day Foundation


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