Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024




Dear Mrs. Palma:


It is with great honor that I write to you to request an important constituent service from you.  I’m asking if you would sponsor a City Council bill titled “Assistance First”.  This could be as simple as calling 911 or performing a CPR, etc… 

This “bill” would require anyone witnessing accidents, tragedies, fires, fights or law enforcement activities to provide assistance to those who need immediate assistance prior to using any recording device for personal or commercial usage of the footage. 

In the frenzy competition of instant global social media content sharing, safeguards must be in place for victims’ assistance prior to any attempt to record accidents. 

I hope that as a member of the city council you will make New York City a place where humanitarianism trumps unethical media content scavengers.  God bless!






Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Adopt-A-Friend, Inc.



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