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Cindy Similien-Johnson
Photo Credit: DARA: Ancestral Beauty Photography

BROOKLYN, NY – On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Haitian American Author Cindy Similien-Johnson will host the 1st Goal Chic Empowerment Conference from 11AM-3:00PM at The Bridge Multicultural & Advocacy Project MCP (1894 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210).

Ms. Similien-Johnson founded Goal Chic three years ago in 2013. It started as a blog ( where she would feature women who achieved their goals despite the obstacles they faced. She said, “I wanted it to be a place where women and girls could be inspired by the stories so that they can discover their own purpose. However, I put it aside to deal with personal challenges at the time.

“In 2015, there was an incident where a teenage girl was brutally beaten at a local restaurant. The young woman was hospitalized. When I saw the pictures of the girls who were charged with the attack, I was in complete disbelief. Each one could have been anyone’s sister. I could have passed them by on the streets. A local community leader/activist challenged us to be a part of the solution instead of the problem (i.e. castigation, shame, etc.). I thought to myself, ‘What can I do? I’m only a writer.’ Then, I decided to revive the blog, re-write and re-launch the book, ‘Goal Chic: Changing the World, One Goal at a Time,’ and create a program that will touch the lives of women and young girls in my community.”

Thus, the Goal Chic Empowerment Conference was born. Its purpose is to inspire, encourage, and empower women and girls. At the Conference, there will be workshops on comprehensive topics including career & purpose, finances, health & beauty, and relationships. Invited speakers include Ms. Rita Oluchi Obi, a Career & Purpose Expert; Ms. Queenette Nwobodo, a Relationship Expert; Ms. Cena Martin, a Life Coach, and, Ms. Luanna Fiol, a Health & Beauty Expert.

“Something happens when you speak hope in the life of a young woman,” Ms. Similien-Johnson said. “When you plant that seed, no matter what happens, it will grow. One word of hope can change a girl’s decision. Instead of committing suicide, she will choose to live. Instead of taking drugs, she will choose to respect her body. Instead of staying in an unhealthy and volatile relationship, she will choose to respect and value herself.”


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