Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Live and cherish each day to the fullest regardless of your temporary conditions or long term objectives. Today’s conditions aren’t permanent nor tomorrow’s outcomes guaranteed. Look at each and everyone in your circle today with loving stare right into their eyes and make fully cognizant of your undying love for them and how much you value their being in your live.

One of our next door neighbors who spent at least two years renovating his home to the most delightful eyes inside out, just drop dead from a heart attack in the outdoor tent he had erected to celebrate housewarming. The invited guests to his pending celebration ended up holding his funeral services in the tent last Saturday instead. This was very sad and emotional gathering indeed because he was only 44 years old.  One of the Christmas lighted house I had on my facebook featured his house.  May he rest in peace! #peacefulcoexistence


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