Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

My colleagues and I would like to share a peaceful milestone with you. Two weeks ago, an African American woman walked into Peace December Headquarters and asked to see Musa, me. I happen to opened the door for her and said to her you are speaking to him. She insisted on seeing Musa. With my comedy routine, I said you’re speaking to him. How can I help? She looked at me from head to toe several times with an amazing look on her face. She then said “you’re Musa?” I replied to the confirmative. She reached out to sake my hand with extreme humbleness and said “I just wanted to come and meet you in person and to see where you are and what you do.” She said my teenage son was an active bloods gang member and used my living room with his crew for all the wrong activities until he met you. He has since left gangs and cutoff all friends. He is going back to school and seeking employment while studying. All he talks about these days is brother Musa, brother Musa and Peace December. Since this has been my dream all along and nothing worked, I was anxious to know who is brother Musa. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you and Peace December. After being numbed for a while, I asked her who she was, she never revealed. The last words she said were, everybody will know you and Peace December.


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