Tue. May 21st, 2024



Dear Peaceful Friends:

On the eve of the arrival of Peace December (International Peace Month), we are cordially reaching out to you to invite your community, city or country into our ‘Peaceful Coexistence Movement”.

If there are social, cultural, political, economic, religious or ethnic conflicts in your city or country, this movement can provide a perfect platform for unity.

If we can peacefully bring together some of the toughest gang leaders in New York City as a family, we can certainly assist in facilitating a communal/national unity through our ‘Peaceful Coexistence Platform”. We are able to do what we are doing because of our ability to love without judging, guide without hidden agenda, sacrifice without personal interests, and to promote a peaceful coexistence among all without distinctions.  We all deserve to be safe in our persons, properties and honors.

We invite you to establish a Peace December Chapter in your town or country this year.  Sign up at:


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