Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


It saddens me to see the repeat of a unified global anger displaying in Paris similar to the ones done in New York after 9/11. The world leaders’ visible anger towards the coward savages make you believe something will finally be done to end this once and for all, only to realize the opposition waiting for any meaningful solution. The evil may hide behind a religion, but the reality is that evil has no religion, and no religion must be blamed for the devilish actions of evil individuals hiding behind it.

As long as we give criminals more rights than their victims, in the name of protecting their civil rights, we will continue to be victimized. Common sense policies to deny criminals their ability to terrorize others are not violation of anyone’s civil rights. Muslims are not responsible for criminals acts committed by savages who are protected by those who feel they are victims of everything in heaven and earth.

It saddens me even more to see hardworking innocent French families who happen to be Jewish providing kosher products, primarily for Jews and Muslim faithful, who hired Muslim workers be targeted. This barbaric act should never pin Muslims against Jews or vice versa. My condolences to all innocent souls violated.

While I’m not Charlie, I will defend his God given right to live and pursuit his personal choices.


Sheikh Moussa Drammeh


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