Sat. Jul 20th, 2024



While marching down Adam Clayton Powell Jr from First Corinthians Baptist Church on 116th protesters chanted “Fight! Fight! Fight! Housing is our right!” in English and Spanish all the way to the state building on 125th in Harlem in an effort to take back Harlem and hold elected officials accountable for residents being pushed out.

Tuesday, Aug. 20, fed-up residents came together in an effort to demand affordable housing due to many residents being pushed out of the neighborhood because of the rise in rent. Harlem has become more and more gentrified over the last 10 years changing the demographic of people who want to live and do business in the area.

Developers are continuing to seek developments for luxury apartment building in Harlem, a part of Manhattan that was infamous for being dangerous years ago, and with the help of elected officials such as now Mayor Bill de Blasio, who many of the residents supported and voted for, they’re developing proposals may come true. Long time residents are asking de Blasio to stop the growth of apartments they can’t afford to live in.

Richard Gottfried, state assemblyman for the Upper West Side of Manhattan, said its important “rent laws to protect affordable housing is kept strong and built for the people who live here and live below the poverty line.”

“We do not need anymore luxury housing in Harlem,” said Delsenia Glover, Harlem resident and affordable housing advocate simply put it.

Several organizations representing housing groups, faith group, and unions came together to rally against this issue plaguing many hardworking residents in the community.



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