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The end of Ramadan brings the Muslim community together to celebrate Eid-ftar. New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer brought together 100 Muslim-American leaders Wednesday, July 30, at the Municipal Building in lower Manhattan for a breakfast to highlight the contribution of Muslims in New York in honor of the Eid holiday.

“Today your community is speaking not only about issues of importance to Muslims, like school holidays and Halal food service at public schools, but about concerns essential to every New Yorker like affordable housing, job security and the education and future of our children,” said Stringer. 

He also reassured them that he supports and encouraged the community to participate in civic opportunities in New York as citizens and as payers of taxes. Most important he stressed unity among all.

“Acceptance has always been a cornerstone of this city where we speak more than 170 languages from 200 different countries. We must continue that proud tradition,” Stringer said. “We should build relationships with our religious communities instead of tearing them down.”

“In difficult times like these, it’s the strength of the community, respect for each other’s values and a common sense of responsibility that keeps New York City strong and united.” 

Holding himself accountable as a public official he ensured that their tax dollars will be put to use for their benefit.

“I will ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely on programs that protect our city, while also respecting our fundamental liberties,” he said.





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