Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

It’s ironic that fake dollars being illegally printed in Uganda by unscrupulous people ended up being circulated in USA.

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The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in corroboration with Uganda police have arrested a Ugandan man over producing the fake US dollars. His accomplices, including a USA national are reportedly on the run.

Uganda’s police head of special investigations, Charles Kataratambi, confirmed that fake USA dollars had been printed in Uganda and that a culprit identified as Tom Namititi, 26, had been arrested.

Namititi has been the mastermind of the crafty deal. He has reportedly been carrying out the printing of the fake dollars before sending them to USA for circulation.

Kataratambi said that Namititi’s arrest followed by the FBI interception of several parcels in USA containing counterfeits which were being traded in New York, California, and Utah.

He said that FBI contacted the DHL- an international express mail service- offices in the U.S. and blocked Namatiti’s account. “FBI tricked him by blocking his account before using it to track him down. FBI contacted  DHL in Uganda, which invited Namatiti to verify his pending parcels. When he reported, he was arrested,” said Kataratambi.

The machinery which was used to print the fake money has not yet been recovered. Uganda police is currently working with FBI to look for the printing machine and hunting for Namatiti’s other accomplices.

Investigations so far carried out have revealed that Namatiti after sending the fake dollars to USA in parcels through DHL, would get paid through Western Union. Namatiti told Uganda police and FBI that he was used by an American national whose name he did not know but he can only identify him by face.


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