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The inspiration for the ‘Lights of Peace’.                                                                   

My knowledge of the importance of a peaceful co-existence predates 9/11, but my unwavering commitment to it stems from that tragedy.

As horrendous as World wars and all other evil atrocities ever committed in the world have been, I had only read about them.

The morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 on the other hand, was different.  This unforgettable evil act has found a permanent dwelling in my heart and soul.  As a result, it has created in me a new fearless-soldier marching in a less-crowded theater of a global peace-promoting zone.

During the first three months following the attacks of 9/11, there was not a thing in my life and associations that I did not question. At the very forefront of them all were questions about my religion. I had to reaffirm my religious identity, its books and the God whom I was taught responsible for everything.

After coming out of my post-9/11 soul searching, truth-ascertaining, belief-authenticating, loyalty realigning and being more selective to the books I read, I had found the purpose of my very being and the answer to all the questions I had.

I found that I was purposefully commissioned to spend every frame of a second of my natural life and beyond promoting a peaceful co-existence among all creatures.

This realization led to the formation of Adopt-A-Friend, Interfaith Living Museum, New York Peace Coalition, Peace December, The Lights of Peace, and all other present and future peace-endeavors that I would be involved in.

The Lights of Peace are therefore tools to support my pursuit of peaceful co-existence, and they are constant reminder of our collective obligation to protect lives, fortunes and the honor of all.

My vision is to have The Lights of Peace in every home, office, classroom, house of worship, government office, every building in a neighborhood, and on every Street in a community during December.  So let the Lights of Peace shine everywhere in our universe, forever and ever!


Sheikh Moussa Drammeh





Dear Peace Partner:



It is my pleasure to write to you this invitational note.


I am excited to invite you to join forces with us and become part of the world wide peace lights initiative. As a peace promoting organization we can confidently say that our mission of advocating for global peace is becoming a reality, and it is with this that we are introducing you to our latest creation— THE LIGHTS OF PEACE.


Our organization is a socially conscious entity that is in tune with the new energy shift which has been a prominent mark in humanity for the past ten years. We are heeding to the collective call of living on our planet in a new way, and our response is the call of advocating, promoting and living in peace.


The peace lights are intended to stimulate a peaceful ambiance where ever they are lit. They are light-weight, portable and make any scenery radiate a warm atmosphere of peace. We are now on a mission to ensure that our Lights of Peace become a basic commodity to have at home, in work spaces, places of worship, government offices, schools, and in every public assemblies, and your entity has the opportunity to join us on this mission of promoting global peace through our “Peace December Movement”.




As diehard students of entrepreneurship, creativeness, inventiveness and innovations, as well as a staunch believer of harmonious relations and peaceful co-existence, we have invented Peace Lights (Lights of Peace) that we hope would universally be embraced to be the symbols of bright shining lights in the midst of a dimer world, a world infested with hate, violent crimes, abuse, cruelty to animals and activities harmful to the environment.

Since promoting universal peace is the foundation of these lights, sales are only made through our affiliating Peace Partners. All ‘Lights of Peace’ transactions require affiliate ID numbers, therefore organizations that want to earn revenue and promote peace, must register as Affiliate Peace Partners and get their individualized affiliation identification numbers. These ID numbers can be given to their members, families, friends and others who want to support them financially.



  • Generating revenue (10%) from purchases made through affiliate ID
  • Affiliates can be Lights of Peace Retailers.
  • Being a member of Universal Peace Promoters.
  • Profiting from Peace Promotion.
  • Website listing
  • Making peace constantly visible in eyes and hearts.

This affiliation gives your entity a platform to move into socially responsible investments which will not only bring them investment opportunities but will also create the space for your entity to connect with your customers on a more humane level.



  • Must believe in harmonious relations and peaceful coexistence.
  • Must not be hateful or hate promoting organization.
  • Must not be arm producing sales organization.
  • Must not promote violent/self-destructive activities.
  • 3 Year Membership.
  • Affiliation Registration Fee.



  • Investing in socially responsible enterprise.
  • Earning returns from peace promotion.


Our big promotion:

We are currently running a promotion of a double reward (20%) starting from April 1 to June 30, 2014 therefore we encourage your organization to take advantage of this pre-order promotion.  You can find out more on our website at:


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