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By Godfrey Olukya     10-2-2014


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has praised Jesus for being patriotic and the  Ecumenical Movement for not only preaching the word of God in Africa but also showing their followers the right direction in terms of social and economic development.

The President was yesterday speaking during the inter-denominational mass attended by members of Uganda’s ruling party NRM MPs caucus who are on a retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi.

Museveni pointed out that Jesus was a patriot because he preached two main commandments of `Loving God with all your heart, mind and body and loving your neighbor as you love yourself’.  He added that the rest of the commandments are based on these main two.

President Museveni hailed the guest speaker Pastor Laban Jjumba who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Margaret Jjumba for the inspiring and uplifting messages.

“What the Ecumenical Movement people are talking today is good, like Pastor Jjumba here, what he said is what I would have preached myself”, the President said.

Pastor Jjumba Laban appealed to all leaders irrespective of their political affiliations Ugandans and Africans in general to aggressively promote national moral values that hinge on hard-work, honesty and the fear of God especially among children and the youth.

“I am convinced that if at this time we launch a new crusade to define and promote our agreed national moral values, with the recently discovered mineral resources in Africa, the only missing ingredient in our development is a population guided by strong moral values”, he said.

The Parish priest of Kyankwanzi Catholic Mission Father Vincent Kajooba thanked government for the valley dams opened up in Kyankwanzi district.



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