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By Dec 5, 2013


By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh


Madiba, the messenger of a real change:

Today, while the world mourns the death of President Nelson Mandela and passionately recollecting the milestones of his zigzagged life story, we must however sincerely focus on the genesis of his struggles and continue his uncompromising mission.

Madiba’s life-long mission included fighting for the economic and political inequity, the educational and health disparity, the social and racial injustice, the alarming widening of haves and have nots, the continued concentration of resources in fewer hands, the non-blinded justice systems, the race for accumulation of modern weapons of mass destruction, the globalized behind the scene neocolonialism, the long distance interference of national affairs for continued exploitation of others’ sovereign resources, the hijacked United Nations serving mostly the interests of permanent members and the continued promotion of global conflict for generating revenues from manufactured tools of war, just to name a few.

Today is the end of a man and the beginning of his mission. Rest In Peace Madiba. Job well done! We shall continue on…


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