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By Godfrey Olukya 4-9-2013

South Sudanese are happy over Sudan’s decision of not stopping the flow of their oil as it had earlier threatened.

The oil from South Sudan is pumped to Sudan’s port through pipeline where it is ferried to buyers in other parts of the world. Recently, due to clashes between the two countries,authorities in Sudan had threatened to cut off the oil flow.

”That is great. We are now assured of selling our oil to the outside world after Sudan’s leadership said it will not stop its flow.” said
Harry Taban, an administrator in South Sudan.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir on Tuesday said that South Sudan’s crude oil will continue to flow through Sudanese territory to the
export terminal at Port Sudan.

He made made the announcement following a meeting with President Salva Kiir in Khartoum on Tuesday. The meeting reportedly ended with a commitment from both leaders to take new steps in improving relations between the neighbors.

The summit came three days ahead of Sudan’s September 6 deadline to stop the oil flow on allegations that South Sudan was supporting
rebels against the Khartoum government.

President Kiir once again denied the allegations and stressed that both countries could not remain on the path of war. He urged al-Bashir to reopen cross-border points to allow the flow of goods and facilitate the return of South Sudanese still in Sudan.



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