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By Godfrey Olukya 9-8-2013

As the Muslims in Uganda yesterday celebrated the end of the fasting period, the church in Condemn Prison Luzira near the country’s capital Kampala where there are Death-row inmates was split, and chaos erupted after some members of the church were disgruntled over the distribution of sugar and other supplies.

Some rich Muslims donated goodies to all the inmates in Uganda’s prisons and asked the Christian groups too to take a share in the name of Muslim faith and most likely as a way of spreading their religion.

** Leaders of different sects were asked to present the numbers of the people they lead.

Pastor Pascal a death-row inmate who leads the Evangelical-Pentecostal church mentioned the correct number in his church and yet other denominations lied, the ones who lied got more sugar, rice and soap. And because Pastor Pascal said the truth his members got less sugar, so some of his members who are material minded caused the uproar because the Pastor had made them miss out on getting big shares like other death-row inmates in other groups.****

As such the Pastor was suspended and his committee was disbanded.The prison authorities asked Pastor Joseph Sirrah a volunteer from another Prison ministry to intervene or else they were to ban evangelicals and Pentecostals .****

According to Sirrah’s research, that church of over 150 members, has some of its members who are not yet surrendered to the Lord and also are material minded. They attend the church as a way to simply belong to a group. It is an opportunity to minister to them and disciple them but they have less ministry.

Another problem is that the church in prison is abandoned by the Christian churches outside



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