Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

My fellow believers, Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Month of Fasting) to you all.

What is the real meaning of Ramadan Fasting? Self-Control!

The ability to control strong desires, instant gratification and constant temptations are self-control, Fasting.

With ever- growing obesity epidemic, unjust widening gap of have lots and have not, run away preventable chronic diseases,  environmentally-damaging multi-national pollution-producing industries,  global commercialized violence and sex, as well as careless wasting of limited consumable resources, I said a real Fasting is indeed becomes handy.  Happy Ramadan my friends!

As always, Masjid Al Iman is open every day to all, Muslims and non-Muslims, especially during this great month of generosity, equality, spirituality and neighborliness. Please drop by any day for questions, fellowships or a sumptuous dinner. God bless!



2008 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462



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