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By Godfrey Olukya 3-5-2013

Muslims allover the world have been warned against spending much of their time chatting on Facebook to the extent that at times they
forget to pray to Allah.

Facebook, the popular social network has of recent attracted many people especially youths. Although some people use it to elevate their
lives,many others use it to connect friends and at times to get contacts to help them misbehave.

Ugandan Muslim cleric, Sheikh Fazil Kiseka has said that at times some Muslims chat on Face book while in prayers which is abominable. He attacked Muslims who chat on Facebook, converse and doze during prayers saying that is a sign of lack of seriousness.

Kiseka said, ‘It is unfortunate that many people simply attend Juma prayers because they fear what other people might think of them but do not actually engage in prayer. They should start taking prayers seriously.’

He advised Muslims to to strengthen their relationship with Allah by worshiping him. He said, ‘If you go for Juma prayers know that you are going to please Allah and expect to be forgiven and rewarded.’



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