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By Godfrey Olukya  25-5-2013

AMISOM troops in support of Somalia Government Forces yesterday thwarted two planned terror attacks by suspected al Shabaab terrorists in the southern Somalia port city of Kismayo.

The joint forces apprehended a woman carrying explosives as she attempted to access the Kismayu University, where delegates are participating in the ongoing Jubaland process. The woman, a casual laborer at the University, was found to be carrying a grenade and Improvised Explosive Device.

The woman is in the custody of the Somalia Government Forces and the explosives she was carrying have been destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Elsewhere, AMISOM forces thwarted an attack on the Kismayo International airport. Around midday, a group planning the attack was picked by surveillance and promptly engaged by AMISOM troops. This forced the terrorists to hastily fire their mortars, which landed outside of the airport, and flee the scene.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lt Gen Andrew Gutti congratulated the forces on their alertness saying their speedy actions had saved many civilian lives.

“This is a reminder that though there is relative calm in the city and surrounding areas, we have to be vigilant against the terrorists who wish to harm the people of Somalia,” he said.

Ever since AMISOM and Somali National Forces forced the Al Qaeda affiliated terror group out of Kismayo in October last year, the area has experienced a period of relative peace. Many formerly displaced residents have been able to return to their homes and humanitarian aid agencies have resumed operations in the area.




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