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By Godfrey Olukya   8-4-2013
South Sudan has resumed exporting her oil by pumping it to Port Sudan in Sudan from where it will be ferried to buying countries.
The oilfields whose oil has started  being pumped are located in Unity State. The first barrels of crude oil from the oilfields in the Unity state reportedly began flowing to the international market on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

According to South Sudan government spokesman, Barnaba Marial, the cabinet  agreed recently on re-opening the Tharjiath oilfield in Koch county of Unity state. All the oil that is flowing now is from Tharjiath oilfield.

On Saturday, to witness the starting of pumping  the oil, the minister of petroleum and mining, Stephen Dhieu Dau, and other senior government officials traveled to the Tharjiath oilfields.

The resumption of oil production is the first step in the implementation of the economic cooperation agreement signed in Addis Ababa between the two regions of the former Sudan who split in July 2011.

Dhieu Dau said that another oilfield located in Heglig-Panthou in Pariang County, will also soon start pumping oil.

Ever since South Sudan stopped oil production in January 2013, over disagreements with  Sudan through which oil is exported, it has been lacking sufficient foreign exchange needed to adequately manage her economy.




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