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By Godfrey Olukya 5-4-2013

African Union (AU) chairperson has approved the African Union Election Observation Mission to the 14 April, 2013 Senatorial Elections in Cameroon

A statement made by AU today from headquarters at Addi’s-Ababa, Ethiopia said ‘The Chairperson of the African Union  Commission has approved the deployment of the African Union Election Observation Mission (AU-EOM) to the scheduled 14 April 2013 Senatorial Elections in the Republic of Cameroon. The Mission would be led by H.E
Edem Kodjo, former OAU Secretary General and former Prime Minister of the Republic of Togo.

The Mission draws its mandate from various African Union Instruments and most importantly the AU Guidelines on African Union Election Observation and Monitoring Missions, 2002.’

The Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit of the Department of Political Affairs, African Union Commission, has in effect concluded plans for the deployment of the Observers to the 14 April Senatorial Elections in the Republic of Cameroon on 6th until 19th April 2013.

The AU-EOM Mission comprises of selected and fully trained Observers from the African Union Observers database including, former Heads of States, Ambassadors, members of Election Management Bodies and other selected and trained Observers from Civil Society Organizations in Africa. The composition of each Mission draws from the different
regions in African and comprises of thirty five (35) Observers.

The Mission will remain in constant interaction with the Commission and present a final report on the Elections to the Chairperson.



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