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By Godfrey Olukya  25-3-2013

Ten Ugandan Muslim clerics, locally called Imams are being hunted by Uganda police on suspicion of recruiting children into rebel activities.

According to police, the ten Imams, together with one Imam already  arrested training 30 children identified as Issa Ssekalu, are suspected to be involved in sending Muslim children to various countries for training as the Islamic extremists linked to terror activities.

Among those hunted are Ahmed Nijad Yaya who recently took some children to that school. One of the rescued children revealed his name to police.

Uganda police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba said, ‘We are yet to establish the motive of keeping and training those children. The children aged 3 to 13 years had been indoctrinated and had undertaken military training in parades.’

Police said this is not the first time for it to rescue children from Muslim clerics. About a month ago, 37 children were rescued by police from a school not registered at the ministry of education owned by a Muslim cleric.

A few weeks ago, police in Uganda arrested Imam Jamal Kiyemba, who has ever been detained in Guantanamo prison on charges of terrorism. His arrest is connected to disappearance of eight families.



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