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By Godfrey Olukya 4-3-2013

Following the recent clashes between M23 rebels and Mai Mai militants, some Congolese refugees have started fleeing to Uganda.

Uganda Red Cross spokesperson, Catherine Ntabadde said that since Wednesday last week about 4000 Congolese refuges fled into Uganda.

She however said that Ugandan authority at the border is uncomfortable with such big number of refugees.

She said,’ Since Wednesday last week 4000 refugees fled into Uganda. The local authority complained about the big number of refugees and advised that they be relocated to refugee camps.’

She added on that some refugees accepted to be relocated to the camps but others preferred to wait for the situation to improve and they return to their villages.

For over two weeks fighting resumed in the east of Democratic republic of Congo in North Kivu, especially in Kitchanga and in the territory of Nyiragongo, north of Goma.

There are reports that In Kitchanga, where a battle has been raging since Wednesday, a shell explosion near Saint- Benoît Hospital wounded patients and staff.



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