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By Godfrey Olukya    8-2-2013

Muslim parents in African countries have been advised to regard Adhan (call for prayer) seriously.

Adhan, according to Muslim clerics is the invitation to Islam and worship of Allah.

Parents have also been called upon to always impart Islam values in their children so that they grow up knowing that Allah is supreme and always strive to stand by their religion.

While addressing Muslims in  Burundian capital, Bujumbura, East Africa Muslims Association Secretary, Sheikh Zubair Akesiga said that although reciting Adhan  is often forgotten, it is an important gift that parents can give to their new born.

He said, ‘Adhan, especally for children introduces them to Islam. Children are very sensitive. From the time they are born they adopt the behavior of those around them.’

He said that Adhan declares the greatness and majesty of Allah to new child. He attacked African parents for ignoring Adhan and not teaching their children about Islam.

‘I have been to many homes of Muslims and observed that they do not emphasize instilling religious values in their children. They instead introduce their children to worldly pleasures.’ he said.



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