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By Godfrey Olukya 4-2-2013 550

550 Somali army recruits have been passed out in Uganda bringing the total number of Somali soldiers trained in Uganda in the last two years to 3000.

The recruits were passed out at Bihanga military training school, 400 kms west of Uganda’s capital Kampala. They are meant to constitute part of the Somalia national army infantry, deployed to fight Al-Shabab insurgents.

They have reportedly undergone a thorough training conducted by Uganda peoples defence force and European union training Mission. (EUTM).

Currently troops from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Ethiopia are fighting against Somali militants, Al Shabab in Somalia alongside Somali army. They have succeeded in uprooting the militants who have caused a lot of havoc to the horn of Africa country.

The Somali deputy minister for defence, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud has hailed the AMISOM troops in Somalia for restoring peace and stability in the country which has been turmoil since 1992.

Somalia has been faced with insurgency since 1992 and it took time for Africa union troops to flush out Al Shabab militants from Mogadishu and other main towns.



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