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 Godfrey Olukya 11-1-2012                                       

Uganda’s minister of  Ethics and Integrity Reverend  Father Simon Lokodo has applauded Victoria University for standing firm on the truth to oppose the evil condition of the donors who wanted them to bend towards homosexuality

The University of Buckingham early this week cancelled it’s affiliation to Uganda’s Victoria after it’s administration refused to include in it’s statute a clause supporting homosexuality in the institution.

The university of Buckingham claims in a communication it sent to Victoria university that her lifting the affiliation is due to  Uganda’s awaited anti-homosexuality bill and restrictions to freedom of speech in the country.

In 2009, Ndorwa West Member of Parliament David Bahati tabled before Parliament a bill that seeks to criminalize homosexual acts in Uganda although the vice is already illegal.

Lokodo said, ‘Victoria  the university acted rightly not to bed to  donors  demands because of few coins.’

He said that university administration  maintained the culture of  Uganda and did not  sell out their country to homosexuality to get donations.

He  advised those who head institutions in Uganda to always be careful while accepting donations from foreign countries because some of them are attached to unbecoming conditions.

He  said, ‘Imposing a foreign idea to Ugandans is unacceptable. The Education sectors should affiliate with donors but should remain with their integrity. Any help attached with conditions of homosexuality is not needed in Uganda.’

He says the donors should not attach any evil action because Uganda’s culture cannot be undermined.

The director of anti homosexual movement in Uganda, pastor Solomon male said, ‘It is unfortunate that some donor countries want our children to behave in unnatural manner. As Ugandans we should always collectively fight against homosexuality.




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