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By Godfrey Olukya 6-12-2012

Journalists in South Sudan are in shock following the shooting to death of one of their colleagues in open day light.

Unknown gunmen shot dead Isaiah Abraham a journalist and opinion-piece writer in South Sudan capital Juba yesterday.

‘We have been shocked by the death of our colleague’ said Denis Taban a journalist in South Sudan.’ It is terrible. We urge the police to arrest the killers so that they are punished severely

According to an eye witness Abraham was shot dead at his home in Juba’s outskirt called Gudele.

‘I heard several gunshots not far from my home. After sometime I cautiously walked to where I had heard the gun shots only to find people gather near Abraham’s body.’ said one of the neighbors of the deceased .

Police later went to the scene and started it’s investigations.

According to police, the killers could have had an intention of only finishing off the deceased because they did not steal anything from
his house.

Police spokesman, Monday Enoka said, ‘We have started carrying on investigations. But what we have gathered so far indicate that
the intentions of the criminals were to kill. When police checked the deceased’s house it found it in good condition. His property was
not robbed.’

Apart from practicing journalism Abraham was also working at the South Sudan Employee Justice Chamber.



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