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By Godfrey Olukya 27-11-2012

South Sudan president Salva Kiir Mayardit, has vowed to fight poverty in the country by the year 2014.

However his critics have said that is a big joke. They say he can not fight poverty which is rampant in the country within such a short time.

During an interview Kiir, said fighting poverty could be achieved through improvement of the agricultural sector to feed the population.

He said he was concerned that out of 8.3 million people living in South Sudan, 51% live below poverty line.

Commenting on the resumption of oil production, Kiir said, ‘I have had telephone discussions with Sudan’s president Omar Bashir, on lifting conditions for transportation of South Sudan oil through Sudan.’

He said that Bashir, has directed his defence minister to invite a South Sudanese delegation to Khartoum to sit and resolve the issues.

President Kiir, said all oil revenues will be directed towards provision of services, once production resumes.

Resumption of oil production in South Sudan hit a dead end recently when Sudan government allegedly demanded that in order for it to take place Juba administration should stop supporting rebels fighting against Bashir’s government.

South Sudan has vehemently denied the allegations that it supports the rebels. Instead, it has complained about Sudan planes throwing bombs in her territory.



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