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By Godfrey Olukya  5-11-2012

Tension is high at Rwanda-Democratic republic of Congo boarder following a shoot-out on Saturday between troops from both sides  in which a Congolese soldier was killed and  Rwandan seriously injured.

The two countries have reportedly placed troops near the boarder.

The cause of the shoot-out at the border village of Busura is not yet clear because each of the two countries has it’s own version about the incident.

While Rwanda says that the Congolese solders had crossed the border to carry out a reconnaissance mission. Congo said that one of their commandos with his men  had crossed to Rwanda to buy  beer but when Rwandan troops saw, they shot at them, killing one of them instantly.

Rwanda’s army spokesman, Joseph Nzabamwita said, ‘They provoked us by illegally sneaking into our territory. They were the first to open fire. We returned the gun fire and one Congolese soldier was killed.One of our soldiers was injured.’

However, Congolese  army spokesman, Colonel Olivier Hamuli insists that the Rwandan troops opened fire first with intention of killing their soldiers and they fled as they responded to the gun fire.

Rwanda government has denounced the incident as an act of provocation. It has appealed to international community to punish Democratic republic of Congo for violating her border.

It is common for Congolese soldiers to cross to neighboring countries including Uganda and Rwanda in army uniform and disturbing peace in villages and trading centers.

Uganda and Rwanda have been accused by  United Nations of  supporting the M23 rebels who are fighting Democratic republic of Congo troops. The two countries have denied the allegations.



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