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By Godfrey Olukya    31-10-2012

Uganda’s speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga  has promised that she will ensure that the anti-homosexuality bill is urgently debated and passed.

She made the promise immediately she landed at the country’s Entebbe international airport last evening on returning from an international
conference in Canada.

Kadaga  last week defended the country’s strong stand against homosexuality at world parliamentary speakers meeting in Canada.

For what anti -gay Ugandans look at as a good defence of their culture, she received a heroic  welcome.

Her anti- homosexuality remarks in Canada left many pro- gays annoyed, while anti gays especially in Uganda were left extremely excited.

There were ululations, dancing and shouting as thousands of people welcomed her at Entebbe international airport. Everyone wanted to hug her.

The big welcome was organized by fellow members of parliament, Pentecostal church leaders and anti gay groups. They jointly made a statement thanking her for making Uganda proud by courageously defending Uganda’s cultural values.

‘You did a good job. You defended our cherished cultural values. We want you to ensure that the debate on anti-gay bill takes place . ‘their statement said in parts.

Kadaga took a bold move when she hit back at the Canadian foreign affairs
minister, John Baird who had attacked Uganda for creating a hostile environment for sexual minorities.

Kadaga reportedly responded to Baird, ‘When we came to Canada for this assembly, to which we were invited, we expected respect for our sovereignty, our values and our country. I therefore on behalf of Ugandan delegation and indeed the people of Uganda, protest in the strongest terms the arrogance exhibited by foreign affairs minister  of Canada who spent most of his time attacking Uganda and promoting homosexuality.’

An anti homosexuality bill was drafted as a private bill by David Bahati, an MP, then in the last parliament. Just as it was about to be debated, the term for that parliament elapsed in 2011.



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