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By Godfrey Olukya 18-10-2012

The 3 Bulgarians accused of forging Stanbic bank ATM cards in Uganda and allegedly using them to steal unspecified sums of money have been denied court bail but instead further remanded.

The Bulgarians include Ivan Ganchev, Milen Katsarki, and Adrian Dimitrov. They were arrested over a month ago at a Stanbic ATM in the suburb of Kampala while trying to steal money. They were found with gadgets they use in stealing money from the machines.

At first they were 4 but one was later released after finding that he was innocent.

Through their lawyer, Charles Oponya, they had applied for court bail after denying charges of theft, conspiracy to defraud Stanbic bank and having unauthorized access to the bank’s computer data.

Oponya unsuccessfully applied for their release on bail.

Prosecution objected to the granting of the bail to the Bulgarians stating that inquiries are still going on and prayed instead for a hearing date. It also feared that the suspects could vanish.

Presiding magistrate, Joyce Kabege adjourned the matter to October 29th, 2012.

Two weeks ago, the Bulgarians were charged before court with over 30 counts of forging Stanbic bank ATMs card. They were granted bail but were immediately re-arrested.

When they were brought back to court, other charges against them were brought about by prosecution.

Those who stay near their house claim that before their arrest, the Bulgarians had turned their home into a sex house. They said that every day they brought in different women with whom they drunk and then had sex.

The Bulgarians are said to have ever been arrested in Kenya for similar offenses but jumped court bail and escaped to Uganda where they continued with their vice.



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