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By Godfrey Olukya 6-10-2012

A workers leader in Zimbabwe, Charles Mkola has said that workers, including teachers in the whole country are planning to hold massive demonstrations soon if government does not increase their

Workers in several African countries have in the past few months demonstrated over salary increment. Among them were Kenyan teachers, Tanzania’s medical workers, Ugandan teachers and others.

In Zimbabwe, the recently elected leader of workers unions umbrella organization called Apex council, David Dzatsunga, has said that civil servants unions would next week meet to map the way forward on salaries and working conditions.

During an interview he said,’ For a long time workers in Zimbabwe have not got salary increment. We need action, but we must first strategize. Since independence, workers have not received any increment and so they are right to complain..’

He said that they need to be united and collectively demand for salary increase. He said they will not be intimidated as they will be demanding for their rights .

He said,’ We should be organized now. It’s either we put up or shut up.’ Zimbabwe teachers association president, Mrs Tendai Chikowore said that teachers in the country should not accept to be used by politicians who only remember them during election and campaign periods.

She said,’ They use us during campaigns and later drop us like hot potatoes after getting into their elected positions. Our experiences during the last harmonized elections should guide us as we move to the next general election in 2013.’

The least paid government worker in Zimbabwe gets an equivalent of about 400 US dollars per month yet the country has been experiencing economic problems leading to escalating of prices of most items.



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