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By Godfrey Olukya 30-9-2012

Rwanda has called upon her nationals living in neighboring countries, Europe and USA as refugees to return home to exploit the
improving socio-economic conditions to develop their country.

According to Rwanda’s minister of disaster management and refugee affairs, Marcel Gatsinzi, the situation in Rwanda has improved and no one will be harassed by the state.

During an interview he said that recently about 180 Rwandan refugees who had been living in resettlement camps in neighboring countries returned home and they have not regretted.

Many Rwandans escaped their country since late 1950’s when local people turned against their king, subsequently overthrowing the
kingdom. The genocide that occurred there in 1994 also led to thousands of people to flee for safety in other countries.

Gatsinzi said that the Rwandans who have been occupying the land of those who fled the country during the 1959 and 1994 genocides have been asked to vacate it for the returnees.

He said,’The government has offered to build houses, provide cattle, free primary and secondary education, vocational and technical
education to Rwanda children born in exile.’

Rwanda has recently been accused of helping M 23 rebels in Democratic republic of Congo to fight the government of Joseph Kabira. Rwandas’ president, Paul Kagame has rubbished the accusations and instead blamed Congo government for not being with a strong enough army to fight the rebels.



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