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By Godfrey Olukya 30-9-2012

Muslims in Africa, and the world over have been urged to be pure as they make holy pilgrimage, Hajj, to Mecca.

They are supposed to behave well and desists from all temptations.

Hajj is an Islamic holy ritual performed in the 12th and final month in the Islamic calender when pilgrims all over the world visit the
Kaaba in Mecca.

While at the Kaaba, all Muslims are equal before Allah.

The advice has been given by the director of Africa Muslims center, shiekh Mubarak Ngaize while addressing Muslims in Zanzibar.

Ngaize advised all Muslims who are financially capable, to make the pilgrimage. He said going to Mecca is more than just attaining the
title of a Haji or Hajati.

He said,’ In Islam it is very important for all financially able Muslims to make the pilgrimage. Muslims should go to Mecca to fulfill
their noble duty of serving Allah but not to simply attain the prestigious titles of Haji and Hajati.’

Ngaize said that when the Muslims reach Mecca,they should fast for the first 9 days of Hajj.

He said,’ While in Mecca, the faithful should spend most of the first 9 days fasting, doing charity work and acting righteously before Allah.’

He however urged Muslims to budget well before carrying out the exercise. He advised that they should not spend all their resources on Hajj,leaving their families without daily upkeep.



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